Frequently Asked Questions


If you have found yourself banned from one of our vendors or land, please contact Miwa Bunny in-world or start a ticket in our discord and tag her for an unban request as we treat this situation on a case by case basis.

I need an item redelivered:
Please head over to our in-world store and click on the redelivery terminal.

Are you looking for a Spokesperson/Model/Blogger?
Not really right now, please be attentive to our socials or join our Discord.

Are you available for commissions?
Yes, we are currently taking commissions for custom belts.
For branding and marketing/social media services, you can contact Miwa Bunny.
Note: Animations/Poses Comms are only available via auctioned voucher. You can join TW discord or Guilded for more information.

Are you looking to join events?
For anything related to events, please contact our general manager Miwa Bunny in-world or through our contact form.


I have an item I need to redeem, what can I do?
Item redemption (former gacha items and some packs) is no longer available. Now you can exchange those GACHA items for Slammer Points that can later be converted to giftcards to use them on our vendors.
For former packs that required to be redeemed, you will need to go to our vendors at Amber Bay and get the item redelivered, then you can just open it and use it.

What is the Slammer Currency?
The Exchange system now works under Slammer Currency. If you do still have Gacha moves, you can exchange them at the Wildfire Station for Slammer Currency.
Here is the exchange rate:
> Burnouts : 1 Credit
> 6-Pack: 5 Credits
> Exclusives/Throwbacks: 25 Credits
> Champions/Historics/Nitro: 100 Credits
> Ever-Lasting/Wildfire Puzzle Pieces: 500 Credits

What can I do with Slammer Currency?
Here’s the combination parings list regarding Slammers.
> (1) 500 Wildfire Slammer = Team Wildfire: Credit Card - 2500L$
> (2) 500 Wildfire Slammer = Team Wildfire: Credit Card - 5000L$
> (5) 500 Wildfire Slammer = Team Wildfire: Credit Card - 12500L$

Someone is trying to sell me a redeemable item, is it legit?
As mentioned before, redemption is no longer an option to obtain moves, you would only be able to exchange for slammer currency. So proceed at your own risk. Team Wildfire will not uphold any transactions done by third parties.


Can I buy giftcards?
No, giftcards are not available for purchase, only through exchange.

Someone gifted me a giftcard but when I try to use it the system rejects it. What do I do?
Two possible problems:
1. You are trying to use a giftcard in a PARTNER ONLY vendor. Those are group locked and will not sell you anything.
2. You have been banned from our CasperVend system. Please contact Miwa Bunny to request an unban.

If none of the above seem to fit your issue (Caspervend will give you a warning in local) please head to our discord open a ticket.


What are RP?
For every purchase you start gaining Reward Points.
After L$5000 spent you start getting 20% back in RP.
And after L$10,000 you get 35% back in RP.
After L$50,000 spent on Team Wildfire vendors you will start getting 1 point per linden spent.

If I am not allowed by CasperVend, can I use my reward points?
No. RP are linked to CasperVend.

Can I gift something to a friend?
No. Gifting is not available for any of the Team Wildfire, SES and UFS vendors.

I believe I have been banned. What can I do?
You may contact Miwa Bunny directly and ask or plead your case. If a decision was made prior to your contact you will be informed of such, if not, as soon as we reach one you will be informed.


What about auction bought items?
All auction bought items are subject to our TOS for Commissioned items. You can find this information here.

Someone is trying to sell me a specific move not in your vendors, they say it was an auctioned item, is it true?
Your best bet is to contact Miwa Bunny with your name, the name of the seller and the name of the item they are trying to sell you. She will be able to confirm the seller and item.