Commission TOS

Team Wildfire Commissions Terms of Service

The following are Team Wildfire’s Terms of Service for Custom Work/Commissions

Before any work can begin or acceptance of your bid/transfer of goods I will require payment via Second Life or Paypal only and an attestation in writing of you agreeing to this terms of service.

On custom work consultation is free of charge where we will determine the type of work you wish to have done (graphics, video, intro, animation, etc.)
partnership before I work on your commission.
Once approved and the project has been determined, I will require full payment upfront.

I do not allow revisions of the work after sketch and color scheme has been determined.
Revision after the final work has been delivered, will not be entertained.
Any revisions or changes after the final work has been delivered come at an additional cost.

I only accept payment in Second Life in Linden Dollars or via Paypal with a 5% increase.
Payment is expected upon project definition in full.
I DO NOT refund money for any reason.

For graphics/videos/intros: I work primarily with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop, mostly focused on intro videos and loops.
For animations: I am a frame by frame animator focusing on wrestling, combat and static poses.
All images, fonts and graphics used in my content are licensed, commissioned or copyrighted to me.
In case of music, you will need to inform me if the work has been licensed to you or if it is copyrighted. You will need to present documentation in cased you have licensed its use.
All my work is PG oriented. I do not do porn/adult animations of any kind.

I reserve the right to include the commissioned work in my personal portfolios (both physical and online), commissions sheets, pages, profile and social media at any and all points.
I reserve the right to edit, modify and repurpose an unfinished sketch and/or raw material.
I reserve the right to claim the commissioned pieces and works as my own work.
You DO NOT have the right to include the commissioned piece in a portfolio, online profile or any other place without credit to me.
You DO NOT have the right to sell or reproduce for commercial use.
You DO NOT have the right to claim the commission as your work.
All my commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Reproduction or sale of this without WRITTEN permission or any evidence that the item was was acquired for commercial purposes will be a violation of Intellectual Property laws and a DMCA WILL be filed.
As the creator I retain all rights to my work unless a commercial use license has been acquired.

**No work will begin without the following form being filled.**