SES RELEASE | Professional Wrestling 4-sided Ring

What we include in this post:

  • Step by Step – Installation
  • Features
  • Commands
  • How to Use
  • F.A.Q.s

Step by Step – Rezzing

First you must unpack your SES: Pro Wrestling Ring by attaching the unpacker and clicking it.
You'll be prompted a folder containing your Pro Wrestling Ring as well as textures which you can use to modify the ring to your liking.

To rez your ring. Simply place the system where desired, then touch it and click  the "Rez" option.
Allow all few seconds for the ring to full rez.
Once rezzed, you will noticed green/purple textures above all the components. To get rid of that, simply "touch" the rez system again and click "cloak".
Once you have rezzed the ring, position the rezzer where you want it exactly. 
Then click "Finish" on the menu or derez to remove the ring.


All SES: Pro Wrestling Rings come with the following features:

■ Realistic HD Ropes
■ Group controlled phantom scripts in the ropes and ring ramps. (via Channels)
■ Removable Turnbuckle Pads (via Channels)
■ Specially Built EXO Multi-Video Screens for Professional Video Players (Removable)

■ Action-Driven Steel Steps (via Channels)
■ Action-Driven Ring Skirts (via Channels)
■ Action-Driven Ring Mats (via Channels)
■ Action-Driven Ring Canvas (via Channels)
■ Modifiable Ring Skirts, Ropes, Canvas, Turnbuckles and LED Screen/Covers (via Channel Commands)

■ Extremely Detailed Wrestling ring undercarriage and frame
■ SES Styling HUD, Smart apply textures to your ring with UUIDS, Create Multiple for different shows on the fly!


SES Ring Canvas: (Canvas can bump up and down)
/888 canvasimp
/888 supercanvasimp

SES Ring Apron: (Can lift up the Ring Apron)
/888 expose1
/888 expose2
SES Top Turnbuckles: (Top Turnbuckles can disappear and reappear on commands)
/888 top#off (# of Turnbuckle Pad)
/888 top#on (# of Turnbuckle Pad)

SES Ring Ropes: (Ropes can bend and sway depending on channel, /67 ropeshoot is by default)
/888 flyingcrossbody
/888 rope
/888 ropeentry
/888 ropeentryover
/888 ropeentrydiva
/888 ropeentryakasha
/888 ropeentryunder
/67 ropeshoot

SES Steel Steps: (Steps can break with loud thuds on impact)
/888 stepbreak
/888 stepreset

SES Ring Mat: (Can flip ring mat outside to expose the flooring under)
/888 mflip
/888 mreset

How to Use

In order to use the ring properly you must determine the wrestling system you use first. All SES: Pro Wrestling Rings work with NERO G:Series & PRIME Wrestling Systems.

Make sure your ring parts (especially the ropes) are grouped to your wrestling promotion or personal group.

The ropes are clickable for entry (to group members only) and automatically phantom when using ringin gestures with NERO G:Series & PRIME Wrestling Systems.

Always make sure to test features before you attempt a live match.


■ Can I resell the ring skirt textures I make?
□ Yes you may, as long as you do not sell the original copy with Full permissions, it will need to be mod/copy/no transfer or no mod/ copy/ no transfer to make sure SES has the appropriate property rights.

■ My ring completely broke and I lost all copies, can I get a replacement?
□ We do not replace rings, both your rezzer and your ring should be mod/copy/no transfer

■ How many prims do I need open to fit the ring in?
□ We would suggest you have at least between 300 to 400 prims available for the ring. They can be prim heavy but are also high detailed.

■ The scripts on my ring are not working.
□ Check that you have it group selected and that your land has scripts enabled.

■ Will you be doing custom ring skirts and turnbuckles?
□ Yes in the future, but for right now I do not have the time.

■ What add-ons will be made for these rings.?
□ Fitted Cells, Steel Cages, Inferno matches, Barbed Wire Ropes, and much more will all be made for the three variations of rings. Stay tuned to the Team Wildfire Groups!

Contact Us

If you have any problems, suggestions, or input feel free to contact Team Wildfire Manager Miwa Bunny on SL or join our discord, or send a notecard with your SL name, date, and your input and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.