Special Announcement 02/19

Today is the day, Amber Bay will be opening up fully to the public in a massive party with DJ Fang and DJ Lichi Moonwall which will start at 4:30 PM SLT.

In addition, we have made changes regarding Team Wildfire’s sales and access as well. After much consideration, and a few appeals, Team Wildfire Management has decided to reopen the vendors and land to the wrestling community once again, with a few changes:

Vendors available in the mainstore are now SES and New Release (IRON) vendors.

From old inventory only Nitro Packs and Champion moves will be available for purchase.

The gifting option remains disabled. Individual bans will be held up however:

If you are banned from the land, you may appeal by contacting Miwa Bunny in-world.

The Exchange system now works under Slammer Currency. If you do still have Gacha moves, you can exchange them at the Wildfire Station for Slammer Currency.

IMPORTANT: YOU MUST WEAR YOUR AMBER BAY ACCESS TAG TO USE THE SYSTEM. We will explain how to gain Amber Bay Access Group at a later time.

With enough currency, you can get gift cards. To Exchange Click the Credit Exchange Terminal, then Rez your Slammers ON the Credit Exchange Terminal. Here’s the combination parings list regarding Slammers.

(5) 1 Wildfire Slammer = 5 Wildfire Slammer
(5) 5 Wildfire Slammer = 25 Wildfire Slammer
(4) 25 Wildfire Slammers = 100 Wildfire Slammer
(5) 100 Wildfire Slammer = 500 Wildfire Slammer
(#) Puzzle Piece = 100 Wildfire Slammer

500 Wildfire Slammer = Team Wildfire: Credit Card - 2500L$
(2) 500 Wildfire Slammer = Team Wildfire: Credit Card - 5000L$
(5) 500 Wildfire Slammer = Team Wildfire: Credit Card - 12500L$